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Hurricane Information

hurricane damage

What to do if you have hurricane damage

Call your insurance agent. Report the damage you know to your insurance agent; explain your overall situation. Ask any question you may think of. Am I covered? How long will it take to process my claim? Do I need to obtain estimates? If you cannot reach your agent, call the insurance company claims department directly (see link below). If you have lost your insurance policies and phone numbers for your insurance agent or company, call the state office for the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of your state, and it will provide you with a phone number for either your agency or the company you identify.

Do not return to your home until local authorities permit your return. Once you return home, do not enter the house until you examine the outside. Look at the foundation, any porches, stairs, overhangs, for any possible structural/foundation damage. If any structural support is missing or broken, the house is not safe. If there is obvious damage, have a building inspector check the house before you go in.

Make temporary repairs to prevent further weather related damage. Save receipts for any material you buy.

Take photos of any damaged items before you make any repairs. Make lists of these items. Include any information you have on the items such as brands, model numbers, where purchased, when purchased, etc. If you have old receipts or bills, gather them together. Even after you take photos, do not throw out expensive items because the adjuster will need to see them.

Click on the link below to access insurance company claim numbers:

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